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STRIPE is a smart black bag with a subtle geometric pattern and elegant metal fi nishes including zippers. Light and modern, fi ts most 16’’ notebooks.
Apart from a special pocket for a notebook there’s also a separate compartment to fi t up to 10.1’’ tablets.
The STRIPE bag is provided with a number of pockets, both front and inside ones, a moulded carrying handle as well as an adjustable shoulder
strap. In the front of it there’s an additional zipped pocket containing a business organizer for files, accessories, stationary, mobile and a wallet.
To ensure the high standard of security of your electronic equipment, the main compartment is strengthened with an additional fabric layer.
Thanks to this the STRIPE collection is not only pretty smart but also practical and light.
Suitable for notebook size from 15.6 "to 16".

Tech spec:
Notebook compartment dimensions:
38.5 x 27.5 x 3.9cm
Outside dimensions: 39 x 29.5 x 5cm
Weight: 0.69 kg
Fabric: waterproof nylon, metal finish.
Accessories: shoulder strap
Product code: 41732
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